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Interlink Electronics Inc.
IndustryComputer hardware
FoundedApril 30, 1984; 36 years ago (1984-04-30)
HeadquartersCamarillo, California, United States
Key people
Steven Bronson (CEO)
ProductsForce sensing, position sensing, mouse, pointing and touchpad

Interlink Electronics, Inc.[1] is a technology company that specializes in manufacturing sensors that are used in electronic portable devices, such as smartphones, GPS systems, and in industrial computers and systems controls.


Interlink was founded on April 30, 1996[1] and released the first force-sensing resistor for commercial use in 1977.[2][3]

In 2001, Interlink helped Microsoft design the controller for the Xbox.[4]


Interlink Electronics filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Nintendo in December 2006 over the pointing functionality of the Wii Remote, claiming "loss of reasonable royalties, reduced sales and/or lost profits as a result of the infringing activities" of Nintendo.[5][6] The lawsuit was dismissed by Interlink in March 2007.[6][7]


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