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About me

  • User talk:Malo - My talk page: please leave any comments you have for me. Be sure to sign you post with ~~~~



My Current wikiprojects


For my own sake, pages I often have to look up


Ship links

Faces of evil

Yoshitsuya The Evil Spirit.jpg

Yoshitsuya Ichieisai, The Evil Spirit, c. 1860. Triptych. The print depicts Minamoto no Yorimitsu exorcising the evil spirit of Mount Oeyama. Since my username, "malo", was recently taken for the Spanish meaning of "Evil", which in turn must mean I'm evil, I figured I should start showing my many faces of evil.


thats a lot of beer

A map of the world coloured by annual beer consumption per person in litres.
See also List of countries by beer consumption per capita

Wow.... that's a lot of beer.


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