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Admin Nomination[edit]

Hello, I would appreciate your help by earning your vote as an admin. I have been here about 5 months now and have been nominated. I have made many contributions and have improved on my editing and behavior. I take this seriously, that is why I have gotten into it with Anthony so much. You can look at my user page yourself and see my contribtions. I would appreciate a vote in the yes column if you agree. Again, thanks for your time and help. ChrisDJackson 02:34, 13 Apr 2004 (UTC)


It looks like your edit to DOOM which you summarized ("style; doom/wolfenstein graphics factual; clarity; typos") didn't take effect (the diff is blank). :( Fredrik 16:48, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Thanks for re-editing! Fredrik 17:27, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)

Jewish Autonomous Oblast[edit]

Where did you get the information that this region is also called Birobidzhan. While Birobidzhan is the administrative center (capital can be used, but technically is incorrect) of this autonomous oblast, but, having lived in the near vicinity for most of my life, I have never heard the whole autonomous oblast called this way. Any clarifications would be much appreciated. --Ezhiki 20:20, Apr 27, 2004 (UTC)

Jewish Autonomous Oblast[edit]

Thanks for reverting the changes. I should have given the reasons for deletion in comments or on the article talk page - I apologize for not doing so. --Ezhiki 22:21, Apr 27, 2004 (UTC)

Planets / weight[edit]

Thanks - you might want to take a look at the planets themselves, since that was where I got the data - they seem to be inconsistent. Appreciate the help, Mark Richards 05:15, 13 May 2004 (UTC)


I noticed your change:

13 May 2004

(diff) (hist) . . Saturn (planet); 01:08 . . Badanedwa (Talk) (table, accel. grav. and grav. -> Equatorial gravity8.96 m/s2, or 1.16g new nasa jpl data)

Hi, I think it's good to add g's, but it sort of looks like grams which also is a g. Perhaps saying "g's" might be distinct. Just a thought --Tomruen 07:29, 13 May 2004 (UTC)


About your comment: (=QA checkbox= * i'd been thinking something similar. that page even has branched (threaded) edits. but restraints must be slight, due to the nature of wiki.)

I'm too busy to think much now about seriously discussing big changes like QA, but feel free to steal ideas and share with others as well. Goodluck! --Tomruen 04:55, 14 May 2004 (UTC)


Hmm. Interesting & colourful shapes. Are you going to tie them into the narritive or leave them as decoration? best wishes --Tagishsimon


I'm not necessarily objecting to your change to the form of the internal links on Wikipedia:Translation into English, but are you aware that this now requires a reload of the page, which was not previously the case? -- Jmabel 05:22, 22 May 2004 (UTC)

no idea how many will experience this, but I'm using a version of Internet Explorer, which is certainly as common as anything. As I say, I'm not necessarily objecting, but the consequence isn't really that surprising. -- Jmabel 07:38, 22 May 2004 (UTC)


Hi, why did you make a new page for the list of Counts of Tripoli? There aren't very many of them, and the list is never going to get longer, so there is not much point in making a separate page. If there were dozens of them, a new page would be more appropriate, but at least for the crusader state articles, there are so few of them that we should just leave them on the main article page. Adam Bishop 21:51, 22 May 2004 (UTC)


I just wanted to say thank you for the good work you've done improving the assassin article and protecting it from vandalism. As you probably remember, we had our initial disagreements as to the scope and direction of your initial changes, but the ones you've made since are not only effective but highly complimentary to the work and your own skill, and I wanted to personally thank you for putting in the time to make it the best it can be. Wally 05:21, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)


Suggestion: Could you change the title of the article "Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 eingetragener Verein" to "VfB Stuttgart"? Dale Arnett 05:19, 20 Jun 2004 (UTC)

I got your message. I already knew it was a redirect; however, I was thinking about readability of the page title. See Sjorford's comments on the "Talk" page for "Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart 1893 eingetragener Verein". Dale Arnett 07:04, 22 Jun 2004 (UTC)