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Subsection of Main Article on Battle of Fort Dearborn[edit]

Wouldn't it be better to have an article on the Battle of Fort Dearborn with a section on the massacre? It would give the military editors a chance to expand on the military aspects of the article and this current article could empasis the tragic ending of the battle. Aside - I really like the photos and references to existing monuments so tourist and residents can see the history. Pknkly (talk) 09:04, 9 April 2009 (UTC)


Is there a plaque recognizing Heald Square? I know the square contains a monument unrelated to this article, but the square itself is related to this article I believe although possibly more related to the fort than the battle.--TonyTheTiger (T/C/BIO/WP:CHICAGO/WP:FOUR) 05:42, 30 December 2011 (UTC)

Very little information about Heald Square; and I've never seen a plaque. The Chicago Tribune from Dec 22, 1939 has an article on the addition of the fourth star to the flag of Chicago (which interestingly states that the star represents the battle rather than the fort itself as stated in the WP article on the flag), in the article they mention that the Fort Dearborn Memorial Commission who had campaigned for the fourth star were also trying to get Michigan Avenue bridge renamed as the 'Fort Dearborn Memorial Bridge', the square at the south side of the Wabash Avenue bridge named after Nathan Heald, and a proposed square at the north end of the bridge named after George Ronan (who took part in the battle). I can't find when the square was actually dedicated, but an article in 1957 talks about plans to move Wacker Drive away from the river bank that would mean that Heald Square would be on the north side of the drive rather than on its south side, so presumably it had been dedicated by that date (perhaps the square was dedicated at the same time as the sculpture in 1941).—Jeremy (talk) 15:09, 31 December 2011 (UTC)