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This page is for attempting to uncover and elucidate over the Javier Solana vandal(s). This is one of the most vandalised sites at Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress--SqueakBox 02:16, Mar 4, 2005 (UTC)

Cumbey statements

March 9, 2005: I regret to say that the changes that SqueakBox made to this article were nothing short of malicious vandalism, designed to obfuscate rather than illuminate public information. Inter alia, this is what he did:

1. He removed the published last name of Solana's mother, Nieves, which was, at the time of her career and death, Nieves Mathews.[1] Cumbey has replaced it. Fine. SqueakBox is not perfect, and making a mistake while clearing up Cumbey's deception is not vandalism. --SqueakBox 01:00, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

2. He removed the links to Nieves Mathews book on Sir Francis Bacon.[2] Irrelevant link as it is about his motther. This is an encyclopedia article not a biography.--SqueakBox 01:00, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

3. Although it is important that we know the orientation and prejudices/non-prejudices of one having power so apparent as that of Javier Solana, SqueakBox removed the Rajneesh references to Solana's mother who clearly professed in her very Yale University book, Rajneesh/Osho as "my teacher." Osho, she claimed, had blessed her book, which had, per Yale University, been in progress for ten years.[3] Irrelevant as he was an adult before she got involved, and therefore it won't have influenced him. Go and dissect Condoleezza Rice's life; she has much more power than Solana, Cumbey probably knows something about US politics, and can more easily research material than she can with Solana. --SqueakBox 01:00, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

4. Although Solana and his apparent backers were in faces enough to use Tower of Babel symbolism and number his enabling resolutions "666", SqueakBox, decided, you, the public, were not entitled to that particular information. If you are visiting this page to get at the truth, here are two such important references:

[4] and check this: [5]

Cumbey admits here to doing edits to leave evidence that Solana is the Beast. thanks for that extra bit of ammunition (as if I would need it).--SqueakBox 01:00, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

5. SqueakBox removed the references to Solana's pre-NATO tenure entitled pamphlet, FIFTY REASONS TO SAY NO TO NATO. He has removed the sentence as well. We already say he opposed NATO till the early eightiews, and we don't need it emphasising. --SqueakBox 01:00, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

6. SqueakBox removed references to the increasingly important "Barcelona Process" spearheaded by Javier Solana and which is a piece in a growing global "integration" project. [6] Barcelona Conference is still in there! SqueakBox removed links to Cumbey's deleted Barcelona process article, which was a redirect. --SqueakBox 01:00, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

If Cumbey is accusing me of obfuscating the article as I rewrote it she obviously hasn't taken the time to read what I rewrote. How is putting everything in a chronological order obfuscating? And eliminating false and mistaken bits? Wikipedia are not interested in Cumbey's allegation that Solana is the Devil, so SqueakBox has every right to removee every last one of Cumbey's evidences about this truth from the article. The public have no right to learn this truth from the Javier Solana article. If they want to learn this truth from Wikipedia they will have to go to the Antichrist and Beast sites, where he gets mentioned. I agree with One Salient Point that this Solana as the antichrist issue may one day deserve an article, which can then be linked to the Solana article. That is the only beast reference, hidden or otherwise, I would be willing to tolerate in the article. It is pilitical article. Leave it alone from your religious beliefs, and your anti-EU politics; and STOP accusing me of vandalism for cleaning your covert operation up. --SqueakBox 01:20, Mar 10, 2005 (UTC)

SqueakBox reply

Cumbey's Barcelona Process [7] was deleted from Wikipedia. I am willing to talk about any of my deletes that were not connected to Cumbey's attempt to leave evidences that Solana is ther devil. If Cumbey wants to get her thesis back in the article, or starts accusing me of anything at all then we go to arbitration, and Cumbey can explain there about how I have vandalsied this page. Perhaps she thinks I vandalised the article by putting Barcelona Conference in the right place after it was deliberately misplaced by Cumbey? After all I am deliberately misplacing evidence that Solana is the devil. Perhaps it was vandalism to remove the bit about the EU having a vote in the Security Council; after all I am threatening US geopolitical dominance and interests in the Mediterranean, far more important than wikipedia. Does Cumbey really think wikipedia will support her crude trickery.

User Cumbey continues to make anonymous contributions, such as the above. Cumbey cannot expect me to create the perfect wonderful article in one day while clearing up her mess! The article is in a state of growth. I may decide myself to replace some of her family material. The Osho connection is not relevant because Solana was a mature adult by the time she got into him, so it won't have influenced him. Can't you leave the poor man alone, and leave us poor wikipedians alone, too. All I want is to see a normal political article for him, and I think I am very much working for wikipedia in doing this. Other people have already told you that you are out of line wioth your POV thesis. Can you not listen, please. The Germans have taken me seriously, slapped a neutrality notice on their version of Cumbey's article, and are discussing it. I have written to today, explaining the situation.

As a European I feel insulted by her lies about EU power, and her anti-EU thesis. How would she and other Americans feel if I tried to do the same with Condoleezza Rice and the USA. Cumbey may have spent almost all her life only interacting with Americans, but she is not dealing with one in me. --SqueakBox 23:22, Mar 9, 2005 (UTC)

I have put a neutrality notice on the article. I am still not happy that it is NPOV, being still far too infected with Cumbey Beast input. There is clearly also a conflict over how this piece should be. One side wants a political page and the other side wants an evidence that Solana is the Beast page. --SqueakBox 23:47, Mar 9, 2005 (UTC)

‘A Planned Deception: the Staging of a New Age Messiah', by Constance Cumbey, Pointe Publishers, 1985


I wrote the encyclopedia article on Javier Solana because there were approximately 1 1/2 lines on him in the original Wikipedia one. There have been others who came in and edited the article to its extreme detriment -- one person kept putting 666 references in its initial paragraph (claiming that Solana's EU CFSP job had been created by "Recommendation 666)[8] and inaccurate ones at that.

I wrote several frustrated comments about this myself. Finally to stop the vandalism, I left a reference to the real item creating Solana's job which also happed to be a 666 -- "Section 666" [9] in the opening paragraph to correct that particular editor's inaccurate reference to Solana's job being created by "Recommendation 666", something clearly drafted by Solana, but at a much later time than the creation of his job. Another misguided editor, again, I wish I know who, inserted a reference to "subduing three kings." I repeatedly tried removals, and finally to prevent more of the same, added references to the increasingly well publicized attempts by France, Germany, and England to steer the EU's CFSP in their own directions. That ended attempts by that particular editor to manipulate that paragraph any longer. Although I am a critic of Solana, I also am capable of objective writing and diligently tried to do so. That there was no encyclopedic reference of worth on a subject as important as him seemed incomprehensible to me. I clearly knew my subject.

I have read many of his grandfather's books, his mother's book, and everything I could find on Solana since discovering him on November 22, 1995. I wrote the encyclopedia article as an encyclopedia article. That I have religious beliefs and even see correlation between Solana and biblical prophecies thousands of years old should not be strange to 'Squeakbox'or others who have been honest and upfront about their own beliefs ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to Rastafarian sympathies. As regards 'bias' against the EU. I am a reader. In 1981, I discovered, bought, and read a book by FOSTER BAILEY published by Lucis Publishing Company. Called RUNNING GOD'S PLAN it said that one of the goals of their hierarchy was to have a unified Europe. It was tried before, said Foster Bailey, by a 'European Disciple' working through the inhabitants of the Rhineland Valley. That attempt, said Bailey, 'was unsuccessful. Now another attempt is in full swing, namely the six nation European Common Market . . ." One hardly needs a Ph.D. in history to know that the disciple referenced could have been none other than Adolfus Hitler! When I combine that with knowledge that Solana's mother so highly revered Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cum "Osho", and that Rajneesh/Osho wrote in his book, I AM THE GATE (he didn't say to where) that the huge history of the Ashoka Nine had never been fully known, that Krishnamurti had been a perfect candidate to receive the energies of "Maitreya" or "The Christ" and that nobody knew why Krishnamurti had not taken it forcing the 'masters' - 'Ashoka nine' - to seek a new candidate, "Adolfus Hitler," and that the reason Hitler had failed was that he got to thinking he was bigger than 'the Adolfus Nine', then one is given pause. The point of all this is to say how terribly unfair it was for one offering fair criticism of EU structure as "Nazi" (as did Squeakbox in regards to the reference about 'reducing the Balkans') as the occult history of Nazism by now has been so well documented. Whether Solana shares his mother's beliefs or not is unknown. That he has anticlerical beliefs is well known.

People have posted my work with whom I am not in full agreement. I am not a Catholic basher. Many of those who quote my work are. I think the real agenda of Solana is clearly anticlerical. His grandfather was, per Ronald Hilton's numerous Stanford University pages, so anticlerical that he permitted neither Solana's mother Nieves, nor his Aunt Isabel to be baptized.

When one learns, as I have from numerous internet news sources over the years, that old Nazi bunkers are being used for the new European Army, one is given great pause. When I read as I clearly did from both Jacques Santer himself and English Socialist sources that there was a well defined EU agenda to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower; when I view well documented video histories of World War II pointing out that one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of World War II was Hitler's failure to reduce the Balkans before taking on the USA and Russia and when by simple vision, I (and so many others) can clearly see that the Balkans are reduced and now are called by so many "Solania" -- that adds up to too many pieces of a troubling jigsaw puzzle to ignore.

I did not vandalize those pages, others did. I was so very grateful to "CURP" for going in and protecting the pages from further vandalism. I do believe that what happened in the past week at the hands of Squeak Box was a clear form of vandalism and contrary to the Wikipedia spirit -- I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he did so in good faith. I will further note for the record that his grammar, punctuation and style were far from perfect.


SqueakBox reply

If you put the Hitler reference in I think it would be wrong of you to do so, and would appreciate it if you would not put it back. Hitler was a racist murderer who also dissolved Europe into a very bloody war; it still bears the scars. Solana has not done anything remotely similar, though he may have blood on his hands. he does not preach race extermination as a philosophy; indeed I would bet he condemns rascism. Living in a multi-racial household I also condemn rascism. --SqueakBox 23:16, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

Political rant

The dream of a European Union was held by Hitler and many other rulers before him, including Charles V of Spain and the Popes, the self-same Popes who kept christianity alive before there were any Protestant churches. I think the world needs to drop it's nationalist boundaries, and a European Union is better than all the little countries being independent. I don't think Cumbey has a full a full understanding of the issues involved in Europe but many perfectly reasonable people are in favour; including me. I think if Honduras had been a part of a greater Hispanic state, or a part of the USA, it would be somewhat better than the poverty ridden state in which it flounders. So I believe in a United States of Europe, a United States of Central America, and a United States of the World. Why does User:Cumbey want to deny other places what has worked so well in the USA. --SqueakBox 23:16, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

I don't agree in any way that my edits were vandalism. Explain yourself, please?--SqueakBox 23:20, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

By continuing to revert this obscure 666 reference and claiming that this is wikipedia policy she is not helping herself or anyobne else. Why is it vandalism to remove the megalomaniac thesis from the article? Why more anonymous edits? I am not interested in the occult history of Nazism, but the real history. user Cumbey should be apologizing for her Nazi apologism in the article. No matter how evil or enmeshed in the forces of darkness you think Solana is you must not assume that is the way things are and therefore that is what must be recorded in the article. That is what is not in the Spirit of wiki. I fully accept that you have not been vandalising the site, but I believe you have been infecting it with your own point of view. --SqueakBox 23:36, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC) --SqueakBox 23:36, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

Europe and the rise of the Antichrist

For many Christians who adhere to a Premillennial Eschatology, the idea of a single antichrist who gains power and makes war upon the world is a common one. In terms of popular culture, we can probably blame The Omen for making this belief more acceptable and widespread.

Premillennialism is a peculiarly American contribution to modern evangelical thinking. It dovetails nicely with the general distrust that America has with things foreign. For example, there are thousands of Americans who have joined hard-core local militias who are convinced that the United Nations will one day invade the US - and outwardly this manifests itself in slow financial payments to the UN, a refusal to ratify international agreements, and continual public slander against the UN and Kofi Annan. Many years ago, the idea that Europe might form its own nation was popular with many American Christians. Even when the specific prophecy in the book of Revelation referred to "12" (nations), this persisted even when the amount of nations in the EU exceeded that number.

Convinced by this, and egged on by publications such as the Left Behind series of books and the general state of paranoia following September 11th, the errant contributor/s to the Solana article are doing their best to warn the world of the coming tribulation. They have identified Solana as the Antichrist. They are not making these article contributions because they are jerks or trolls, but because they think they are doing the right thing. Moreover, because of their belief in a grand conspiracy, those who oppose them and try to rebalance the article can be seen as either unwitting allies of Satan, or part of the grand conspiracy itself. Hence Cumby's "concerns" over Squeakboxes own religious beliefs.

If the specific contributors are reading this then I must probably identify my own system of beliefs. I am a Reformed, Evangelical Christian who holds to an amillennial eschatology. I don't believe that a single antichrist is coming, but that history has shown that various antichrists have come. The idea of more than one antichrist is scripturally sound and can be found in the book of 1 John. I can also understand that you modifying the Solana page has come because of your own belief in the importance of the issue. Moreover, I can also understand that by raising Solana's profile as the antichrist, you may be able to warn people before time - people who may become Christians as a result.

I would say that yours is a noble attitude, but unfortunately I don't think it will work. The reality is that here at Wikipedia are ordinary people of many different faiths. I am of one faith and they are of others. Like you, I have an exclusivist religious attitude - Evangelical Christianity is the only true religion and all others are false. Like you I believe that Christ is the only way to heaven, and that we must tell others about the gospel so that they may come to faith and be saved.

I'll tell you this now, though: Your strategy of editing the Solana article will neither raise people's awareness of Solana, nor lead to people coming to Christ. Your efforts will be in vain, and there are some good reasons why:

  1. Your prose (way of writing) is difficult to understand and, while full of information, can easily confuse ordinary readers.
  2. Because you are convinced of the truth you write about, the article comes across as very pov and full of bias. It is unlikely that anyone will read your Solana article and be convinced that it is true.
  3. The fact that you continue to edit in spite of the all the opposition you have here at Wikipedia is not courageous, it is just very, very annoying. It is unlikely that people like Squeezebox could now ever even consider accepting the gospel after the damage that that has been caused here.

Let me tell you what you should do:

  1. Create a website that explains in great detail everything you are trying to say here. Because Wikipedia is a community, the great majority will not accept your assertions. this is not so with the freedom you have of your own site.
  2. Create a link from the Antichrist article to your website.
  3. If the Solana/Antichrist thinking takes off in the Christian community, no one would object to a separate article titled, say, Javier Solana is the Antichrist. This article would contain all the information that people have come up with all over the world about reasons why (as well as reasons why not) Solana can be seen as the antichrist.
  4. Work on writing better prose, and then return to Wikipedia as a contributor and editor, where your opinions and belief system can be respected by others who see your good Wikipedia work.

Please read this in a spirit of conciliation. I am just trying to say that I can understand the reasons why you are doing this, and I am trying to reason with you to try to stop what you're doing, and leave these nice people here at Wikipedia in peace.

One Salient Oversight 05:28, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)

SqueakBox's interest in Spanish politics

I was not drawn to this article because of my new age background, but by my interest in Spanish politics. I did not know Solana was a Beast candidate until I came back to this article a few days ago (having read it out of interest before knowing what wiki NPOV was. And what I want is for this article to be restored to being an article about a very interesting Spanish politician. My ambition for this piece is to see it become an Article of the Week, something many excellent political articles have achieved. He is the only survivor from the Felipe González PSOE era, and his rise to power has been impressive.

I had already cleaned the Zapatero article into good English (from A Spanish person). I was in Spain in the build up to the iraq invasion, following it very closely, and greatly admired Zapatero's stand. i thought he was the only one speaking sense. I know there are those in America, and even in Britain, who think the Spanish gave in to terrorism by voting down José Maria Aznar, but my experience is that the Spanish are far more concerned about ETA terrorism than the British ever were about Northern Ireland terrorism, and that in terms of attitude to ETA the PSOE and PP are the same.

The article

The article goes on for ages about his background, straying into Osho in a self-confessed attempt to prove New Age associations. Then says nothing about his political career in 14 years in the PSOE government, including being it's spokesperson, and including being part of the government that was fighting a bitter war against terrorism. It appears that almost all the edits have been done by Americnas who believe that Solana is the Beast. They haven't treated this area of his life because they know nothing about it, and they can't speak the Spanish necessary to do this type of research. And I will do this, because this article needs improving greatly if it is to stand a chance in the article of the week competition. When I add material to the article I will not do so on the basis of my New Age background, because the article has nothing to do with the new age.

It is definitely Wikipedia not to allow American biases in Wikipedia. Just strange in an article about a European politician.

EU in UK politics

Some UK people want to leave, or reduce the influence of, the EU in my country. This movement is conservative with a small c, deeply nationalistic, and concerned about encroaching power from Europe affecting our British right to self-determination, and to rule ourselves. Distrust of the Euro as a symbol has led to long delays in even having the referendum to join the Euro, now superseded by the promised referendum over the EU treaty; the 1st national referendum we have had since a 1975 referendum decided not to leave. There is no concern amongst the anti Europeans about the threat to the US geopolitical hegemony in the world by a developing EU. There is a profound debate that has split Europe over the rightness of invading Iraq, but that is a separate debate. It was pro-European Blair who started that war.

The UK is much less religious, and much less interested in religion, than is the USA. There is no minority belief in the UK that Solana is the Antichrist. if Robert Kilroy-Silk or members of the UKIP started saying this they would immediately be considered to have lost it (politically speaking). The electorate would consider them nutty, and they would receive a handful of votes. The actual debate in UK independence circles is between the desire of Kilroy-Silk to have a dynamic party that does appeal to the voters, and the UKIP not wanting him to lead them.

Solana in Europe

Most Europeans have not heard of Javier Solana either. My Mum had to be reminded who he was before recognising his name. The Spanish wiki has a stub, which is surprising given he has been an important political figure there. The German version is a rewrite of the English version; either Cumbey or one of her supporters speaks or is a native German speaker. The Dutch hads a stub, and most of the other EU languages have nothing. Nothing in French.

The problem

The basic problem is one or more mostly US based Christians who believe that Solana is the Beast. I first read the article when new to Wikipedia, and thought it a bit odd, but did not return to it until a few days ago; intrigued to find out why the site is so vandalised. I realised that the article was dominated by a theory of the Megalomania of Solana, and that it needed heavily editing in order to give it an NPOV. I decided to state my intentions on the talkpage the night before, and drew out Special:Contributions/ to make a number of new statements.--SqueakBox 01:24, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

User Cumbey

The next day I did my edits. As a result revealed her identity as Constance Cumbey, writing a bit about herself. User:Cumbey may or may not be impersonating the real Mrs Cumby; thus I will always refer to them as User:Cumby and Mrs Cumby. User:Cumby left information about herself at User: talk, and then on User talk:Cumbey. She has also admitted to who she is on the talk page, using various different IP numbers as she does so. I have transferred her 2 self-statements that ended up on the 2 user pages to User:Cumbey. For a lawyer and a writer User:Cumbey shows a poor command of the English language with a repetitive style and copy-edit mistakes. It is often possible to reduce one of her sentences to half it's size without losing any content. This style is noticeable. I believe that she has also written Barcelona Process article, [10] and has also contributed heavily to Barcelona Conference. --SqueakBox 01:40, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

Constance E. Cumbey Cumby

Constance E. Cumbey has written a book condemning New Age beliefs from a Christian viewpoint. Constance E. Cumbey wrote the lower down response to this piece about Solana. She does not call Solana the Beast but she does adopt the thesis User:Cumby is bringing to the article, and particularly to it's talk page. Constance E. Cumby appears to have had an obsession with Solana for over 9 years. Constance E. Cumby mentions about seeing the situation as it truly is as her conclusion, things as they are being a coded refernce to Solana being the Beast.Constance E. Cumbey also gives phone numbers at the above site so she is contactable, but I wouldn't want to hazard a guess at whether she would want to engage in conversation about work at Wikipedia. if someone is impersonating her she may, though.

Here she alludes to the following biblical quotes.

Revelation 14:7

Jeremiah 10:23

Deuteronomy 18

1 Corinthians, Chapter 10;

Romans, Chapters 1 and 2

II Thessalonians, Chapter 2.

I will try to find out what these quotes are to see if they allude to the Beast.

Here we find excerpts from her book.

Is User:Cumbey using sockpuppets?

I now think she isn't using sockpuppets. don't know. --SqueakBox 01:54, Mar 14, 2005 (UTC)

User SqueakBox

User:Cumbey sees me, User:SqueakBox, as a new ager, which is broadly true, especially given Mrs Cumbey's definition of a New Ager. She may also believe that I am a committed new ager who is out to hide the truth about Solana being the Beast because of my new age beliefs, when in fact I, SqueakBox, don't hold any fixed religious beliefs. My actual motivation is to save the article from those who believe Solana is the Beast making the site a justification of their beliefs. User:Cumbey has accused me of being unable to edit Wikipedia because of my beliefs, but holding beliefs is clearly no bar to working here unless we are talking extreme nazism, etc. Having a hippy background is not that.--SqueakBox 01:24, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)


2 edits to Rastafarianism today, March 3rd, both of which had to be reverted, also came from this server. the second one was from with the same service provider. The original sentence said Haile Selassie died in 1975, but his death was not accepted by Rastafarians who could not accept that God could die. They said it was a lie. Where he actually lives is not clarified, and in that sense their belief is similar to that of Christians. This user added with the caveat that Christians believe Jesus actually died, but then arose from the dead and remains alive in the spiritual domicile of Heaven. I suspect the user to be User:Cumbey pretending to be someone else, and that she decided that as I had edited her work she would edit mine. I have removed in that sense their belief is similar to that of Christians because I do not want to antagonise. --SqueakBox 01:24, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

IP address list

This info may not be correct


  • User: Probably 1st Cumbey edit Apr 3rd. Did 33 edits that month. during this time the article transformed from a stub into a long article. Hence User 2 down claiming she wrote the article. In this time she also made 2 contributions to 1995 (year of the Barcelona Conference), and one to Western European Union. She did 5 more Solana edits in June and July. Between August 7th and 9th she created Barcelona Conference, and then did a final Solana edit on Sep 30th. US Arin IP number. Lake Orion, Michigan.
  • User: 11 Solana edits between between April 5th and 9th. Placed 1st paragraph of what is now her User page on this IP's talk page saying she is Constantine Cumbey. She made 2 contributions to the New Age article.Detroit, Michigan
  • User: talk and 3 Solana, opened Talk Page, revealing her identity. Detroit. May 8th
  • User: 2 edits Jun 27th Allen Park, Michigan
  • User: 1 edit July 27th US Arin IP number Allen Park, Michigan
  • User: 1 Nov 16th Allen Park, Michigan
  • User: 2nd signed herself CEC, removed name 3 to Solana and 1 to talk in November. Lake Orion, Michigan.
  • 2 edits Nov 17th Allen Park, Michigan possibly Jeffersonville Indiana
  • User: reposted name 2 edits on Solana all Dec 17th. Allen Park Michigan
  • User: is original author. 8 Solana edits between Jan 31st and Feb 8th, 4 Talk:Solana Feb 8th and 1 Western european Union on Feb 15th. US Arin IP number. Allan Park Michigan
  • User: St Catherines, Ontario 1 edit 5 Feb
  • User: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, close enouigh to Detroit Feb 28th
  • User: User:Cumbey on Mar 3rd. Did 3 edits on Jan 5th, and 3 to Don Ezequiel Solana de Ramirez. 6 more Solana that month. She did 29 edits in February, including 1 to Salvador de Madariaga, one to the Western European Union, and some to the talk page. She has contributed 7 times to the talk page this month. More now.Rochester,Michigan.
  • User: 1 edit 2 March Allen Park, Michigan



These may be Cumbey as well; she may travel occasionally to Reston, Virginia, and she admitted Mar 17th that was Cumbey using a Reston, Virginia address.


Clearly KEEP. SqueakBox hatcheted the article and removed the external references. This is a ten year old process which Solana himself has so often said deserves celebration for this anniversary coming on November 28, 2005. [1] ( There is absolutely no rational reason to delete it other than for disinformation -- not information! It was SqueakBox and NOT Cumbey who tried to integrate this with "Number of the Beast" and other assorted unprofessional references which emanated from his work, not mine, Cumbey's! -- But then again, I, for one, never professed allegiance to Haile Selassie as MY messiah!

I removed the final bit as an iorrelevant revealing personal info about SqueakBox. She admits to being Cumbey. The Reston, Virginia numbers have never engaged in vandalism either, confirming the theory of some kind of collaboration.--SqueakBox 04:23, Mar 18, 2005 (UTC)

Kenmore, Washington vandal

  • User: 1 edit on Feb 8th was a vandalism on Feb 8th. US Arin IP number. Kenmore, Washington
  • on Feb 9th, 3 and a half hours later. Put the Solana article into Number of the Beast (Numerology) as her only edit. This is the first real bit of evidence that Kenmore Washington
  • User: 1 edit Feb 7th US Arin IP number Kenmore, Washington
  • User: 1 5 Mar Kenmore


  • User: major only Solana blanked talk Beast vandal--SqueakBox 01:24, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC) US Arin IP number. From Huntsville, Alabama.
  • User: was 4 edits Feb 8th US Arin IP number Birmingham, Alabama.



  • User: to Talk:Javier Solana, 1 to Talk:Number of the Beast (numerology) US Arin IP number. From Seattle, Washington
  • User: One edit 28th Feb, got reverted. US Arin IP number. Yakima Washington

Fort Worth, Texas

  • User: Christian comment to Rasta site no other. US Arin IP number is from Fort Worth,Texas.



South Carolina

User: Greenville South Carolina, Solana vandal

Olathe, Kansas

User: Feb 8th vandal

Hungary 1 edit March 2nd. this author has translated the article into German for the German Wikipedia, and should be considered sympathetic to the beast cause. I am sure the German article will suffer the same problem, and have left a not in English on the talk page.

Who is User:Wik. He created the odd Javier Solana Madariaga, a third redirect to Javier Solana in May 2004. It has never been vandalised, and I suspect the creator of Francisco Javier Solana and Francisco Javier Solana didn't know it existed or she would have vandalised it. User:Wik may have been contentious but had a range of interests, and this appears coincidental. Of the 3 redirects it seems the most relevant.

US User:Wik has been a crude sexual vandal of sites, also using other IP account. He is a coincidence in this case, I firmly believe, even if an odd one. User:Cumbey's obsession with Javier Solana is fundamental to her style.


  • User: first bible quote as insert in the current style only 1 day US Arin IP number
  • User: 666 insertion other interests, not a vandal Acron, Ohio number--SqueakBox 01:24, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)
  • User:SK His contributions don't list those at Solana? other interests may be innocent


  • User: created the sites Francisco Javier Solana and Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga in order to sabotage them, which he did with vandalism. I am now trying to get them deleted. They were reattacked the next day, Feb 12th, by User: who has no other contributions and may be the same person. User: has extensive contributions to Solana starting on Jan 7th 2005. After a number of innocent looking edits on Jan 27 he vandalised with a little horn reference. Did the same on the 28th Jan. On 1st Feb his easily the most powerful was toned down by User: On Feb 4th he blanked the site. He then did something else, which was reverted by Later on Feb 4th he did something that was reverted by User:RickK. He did another ed on the 7th, and another on the 8th after heavy activity on the site. His edits were then reverted by User: he then vandalised the site at 13.05 and 14.01., and has not returned to Wiki. His edits could do with further analysis. --SqueakBox 01:24, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

This user made 2 Beast from Revelations quote vandalisms today, repeating the same revert. --SqueakBox 02:01, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)

User Cumbey allegations

I have asked User:Cumbey at her talk page if she will respond to these allegations, and ask her to do the same here. it would be much for the best if she could respond, either here or at User talk:SqueakBox. --SqueakBox 17:29, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)


At 17.27 vandalised the site. At the same moment I guess trying to prove that she is not sockpuppeting. Maybe the vandal is a separate user in contact with Cumbey by phone. --SqueakBox 20:19, Mar 5, 2005 (UTC)


User:Cumbey may or may not be in conniving with vandalisers in other parts of the USA; either way these others share her Solana is the Beast philosophy. This philosophy may have originated with Constantine E. Cumbey, and she may be considered a leader within this particular sub-cult.--SqueakBox 01:56, Mar 14, 2005 (UTC)

Constance Cumbey Reply to Squeakbox

There are so many pieces of disinformation and outright lies by Squeakbox that it is difficult to know where to begin. First, I have NEVER said anywhere in print or orally for that matter that the EU has a Security Council seat. I said that they are seeking the same in UN reform and that they are in competition with France, Germany, and England over which countries or the UN as a whole should hold the seat. It is a lie that I have not interest in Wikipedia. Au contraire, I think it is a tremendous potential resource for many with insights to make valuable contributions. On at least three occasions, when Wikipedia issued a funding emergency alert, I donated financially. If anybody has trashed Wikipedia, it has been Squeakbox with his half-truths and outright lies. He is afraid to let the facts speak for themselves -- he is contributing to a climate of a news blackout long enough to let the new structures he advocates insinuate themselves into the world politic. And because others have looked at the facts and came to similar conclusions, that Solana might at least be an educated guess on certain apocalyptic resembling events, that makes ME the leader of a "subcult." I guess I'm about the poorest one that ever lived in that case. If I had money, I'd go live in the Caribbean, sip coconut milk, and do nothing but write for Wikipedia all day long! I have trashed nothing. I enhanced the article. There were hackers that came behind me to my frustration and it was CURP who helped stop that situation, for which I am grateful. I suppose 50 years ago, had I tried to write about a certain German politician who believed in 'ascended masters,' vegetarianism, anti-vivisectionism and then went on to public enforce the more esoteric points of Theosophy, such as 'cleansing actions,' 'elimination of sub-races,' Squeakbox with his love of obfuscation might have been calling him apologetically "an interesting German politician," as he calls Solana "an interesting Spanish politician." Cult? I think Solana may well have the cult just as his mother was into Rajneesh/Osho and that Squeakbox is one helping to purchase the 97 Rolls Royce's! Squeabox's analysis of Christian theology and adopting the false dichotomies of so many between "Pre-trib rapture" and "Post-Millennial" also amuses me. Obviously, he has not been to the true source books of that religion! CONSTANCE E. CUMBEY, dated March 9, 2005, 5:48 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, USA

The article

The article was written mostly by her. She has no interest in Wikipedia NPOV to the extent where I would say she was deliberately trashing POV in order to write an article that demonstrated to other Christians through evidences she has placed in the article about his growing and his potential powers. I believe if she tries to impose her POV thesis again that the case should be taken to the arbitration committee, on the basis that she is deliberately breaking POV rules in order to promote what may be is her original idea thesis.

Her thesis is that Solana is the Beast. As I say, this may be her original idea, and she may consider this piece to be her original research on Solana the secret Beast. Her thesis is not that he is the Beast, it is that megalomaniacal rise to power offers evidence of his Beastly hidden identity so that other Christians can then work out for themselves that he is the Beast. Therefore she has jam packed her piece with evidences of the alarming increase in his powers, even if this means doctoring the facts such as by her misplacing of the section in the article about the Barcelona Conference, an article she also wrote. A thorough analysis of the piece shows the extent of her manipulations. Particularly is all these powers he will have, but actually only if the constitution is ratified. It is an obsessive rant about his powers, and a deliberate one. There is a real sense of desperation in the piece. She wants to warn people of these new powers before he gets them, by which tiome it will be too late. As I say her aim is to persuade through evidence that Solana is the Beast.

The article was riddled within inaccuracies, and had not been organised in a chronological fashion. She thought Spain's 15 year PSOE President and Solana boss was called Ferdinand. He is Felipe González, so her knowledge of Spanish politics is very poor. She thought the EU had a seat on the UN Security Council, an inaccuracy that it does no service to see in Wikipedia. She placed the Barcelona Conference paragraph in the post-NATO section of his career though the event occurred while he was still Spanish foreign minister. As she wrote the Barcelona Conference piece I suspect this was deliberate manipulation. If not it was very poor taste mistake, implying that it was the EU minister and not the Spanish one who ran the conference. So I see a deliberate fact manipuklation in order to emphasise both his powers, and the powers of the EU. Yuck!

She made what she felt was a reasonable assertion in comparing Solana to Hitler. When I called that Nazi apologism she went about the supposed occult links with Nazism, and ignored what I had said about the fact that Hitler was responsible for 20 million deaths, including the 6 million murdered in the holocaust, whih means she should not compare him to a respected politician who does not have a rascist, warmongering agenda. I do not think she is deliberately trying to be a holocaust denier. She does not want to trivialise Hitler's crimes, she wants to make Solana seem just as evil. But she does need to understand that her rash assertions appear to trivialise Hitler's crimes, and that this is completely unacceptable in Wikipedia. She has not understaood this, and if she returns to Wikipedia I would like to see her at least formall warned about her Nazi apologising. This si the man who formally ended hostilities between russia and the West.

I suspect she did some brief investigation of the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wrote something without any understanding of what is going in the former Yugoslavia, and unwittingly quoted some real Nazi apologists, of which there are plenty in that region. I will try and rewrite the whole Yugoslav section, but will investigate it properly first.

The article was very poorly written. While it clearly was written by someone in the Detroit area it is hard to believe the author has published books and been a nationally respected lawyer. This piece may have been badly written in order to deceive. I am sure schoolmasters see a lot of this style when a student tries to write a 2 page essay with half a page of content in it. The endless word repetition, so that the same word or the same fact would be stated 2 or 3 times. Often 2 sentences could be reduced to 1 with the words "and". It looks as if she never edits what she writes. The result was an enormous article with very little content in it. Because there had been no systematic attempt to organise the material the article strayed all over the place instead of following a logical, thought out order. This hid the fact that there was virtually no information about him as a Spanish politician, and also hid the POV thesis from non Christians who arent't looking Solana up on Wikipedia in order to confirm what they have read about his Beast candidature (the market User:Cumbey is aiming at.

IP addresses

Cumbey has finally come out into the open, and started to use an account. Before then she appears to have been using up to 14 IP address accounts without ever signing herself in. She has accused SqueakBox of rash assertions around IP addresses, but she has not tried to help him in uncovering this puzzles by confirming or denying which IP addresses are hers. Her attitude encourages deception and confusion, very similar to the piece itself. She said in an email to SqueakBox she was only using 3 or 4 different computers, but I think this is false and that she was deliberately setting a confusing trail behind her edits. I do not find it credible, given the history of the edits, and the multiple IP addresses we know are hers, that any of the 11 Detroit area IP addresses's are not hers. She may also have used one IP address not far over the state border in Jefferson, Indiana, and possibly may be the author of 2 more IP addresses across the national border in Ontario.


Cumbey focusses on SqueakBox's new age interests. If she had read his User page more carefully she would have realised my interest in Solana is because he is Spanish. Now that she realises I can access Spanish material to write a much better article, and that i know how to write a reasonable encyclopedic article she may withdraw completely. If she does it will be interesting to see what the trolls do.--SqueakBox 17:41, Mar 7, 2005 (UTC)

Further conclusion

I am now convinced that not only was Cumbey not behind the vandalism, but that she was bitterly opposed to them. Hers was a covert operation aimed at Christians who had heard Solana was the Beast and wanted more info. Hence her obsession with getting the wikipedia article as the first list on google search.

I know last editor thought he/she was helping, but they were only hurting cause!. In her edit comment here on Feb 7th she was pleading with the vandals to stop trashing her covert operation. She correctly realised that in the end they would give her away (SqueakBox came to the page because of the vandalism). They have indeed hurt her cause.

Thus it was very important to her to include the evidences about 666 numbers appearing on documents to be included in the opening paragraph. Thus it was also important to include bits about Israel (a favourite with conspiracy easchatology Christians) twice, and to misplace the Barcelona conference piece. Obviously there was no need to put links to PSOE and Felipe González, as that was not what would interest her readers. Now she has been exposed I strongly suspect she will not come back; no point contributing to a real article.

I am convinced she knew what she was doing, and justified her work as being more important than wikipedia. If she comes back with the same attitude, trying to do the same thing again, I will try to get her banned from the article. --SqueakBox 21:55, Mar 9, 2005 (UTC)

Constance Cumbey Update on March 5, 2005 at 10:44 p.m., E.S.T.

Squeakbox's allegations about Nazism and editing a Rastafarian page (to the best of my recollection I have never been to such a page -- my knowledge about Squeakbox's Rastafarian sympathies came from his own Wikipedia page)are nothing short of libelous and outrageous. Obviously he has never read my work. Most likely he is unfamiliar with the extremely readable and scholarly books of James Webb on occultism, including Nazi permutations of same. Nazism was clearly based on occultism -- evident in every respect from the Thule Society and Theosophical Society roots to the swastika itself. Hitler did not take his notions from a vaccuum -- his notions of "cleansing actions", "master races" and "aryanism" were standard fare in all occult reading -- both of Rosicrucians and Theosophists. As far as left hand swastikas and right hand swastikas are concerned, there are ample books (many of which are in my personal library) showing that it was used interchangeably both ways in both occult and Indian cultures. The Jews were singled out for hatred in most such literature and still are in the books published by Lucis Trust / Lucis Publishing Company. Just look at the indexes (and you can do free internet searches): "Judaism: evils of"; "Judaism, need for dissolution of". I have BATTLED Nazism and racism all of my life, starting at age 4 when I told an aunt, "that man's not bad because he wants to move in your neighborhood. You're bad because you want to move out just because he's moving in . . ." Squeakbox owes me an apology. He confesses he flunked logic. He also confesses to a closed head injury with a machete type instrument. For that, I will give him in good Christian style, a charitable interpretation and hope to think that these are his honest interpretations. Read the New Age books CAREFULLY and not in an altered state -- you will find that they are not all peace, light love. And people who come against them are not "Nazis" -- the kernel of Nazism is the occultism which in its essence spells doom to all who are not blonde, blue-eyed pagans in its ultimate world view. I have many a New Age book from the early 1980s in my vast personal collection which tells Orientals, Africans, etc., that they should be practicing celibacy as their races are destined to die out anyway. As regards Solana, he is smart enough to see the Club of Rome agenda for what it clearly is -- a global population reduction and occult indoctrination program. The Club of Rome banner is one that Javier Solana flies the most proudly!


Please refrain from a personal attack. SqueakBox does not want to engage in occult arguments on a talk page about a politician. SqueakBox has a visual problem that creates type edit problems, but he does not have a problem with his mind. SqueakBox is not in an altered state of mind, ever, and deeply resents any insinuations that he might be taking drugs that are highly illegal in Honduras. I think User:Cumbey should stop attacking me right now and forever on Wikipedia. If not we need mediation.--SqueakBox 01:06, Mar 7, 2005 (UTC).

User Cumbey believes that Hierarchypedia is SqueakBox's sockpuppet. See User talk:Cumbey. She also thinks he can hack into wikipedia database to manipulate the evidence to support his claims not hers. None of which gives SqueakBox much faith that she wasn't behind the Solana vandalisms. The truth is SqueakBox does not know. But he is very tired of the personal threats Cumbey has been making against him and his family. --SqueakBox 17:47, Mar 14, 2005 (UTC)