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After a long time of anonymously vandalizing pages and putting up a vanity page on myself, I've decided to get an actual account and help it out, because I use this site all the goddamned time to look up stuff.

Don't expect me to get into edit wars about pointless crap, or to really nitpick over pages. I come here to get information and don't care as much about interpretation.

French Translation[edit]

I am currently on a quest to translate many of the biographies of members of the French Academy to English. I will work seat by seat, starting with seat 1. If one of these pages has been translated into the English Wikipedia (as evidenced by a blue link), please delete it from the list. Furthermore, if you wish to add more seats to this list, please do so, in the format I have established.

English Language reference: List of members of the Académie française

Remaining pages that need translation:

Seat 1 is finished

Seat 2

  1. fr:Toussaint Rose
    1. Toussaint Rose
  2. fr:Louis de Sacy
    1. Louis de Sacy
  3. fr:François-Jean de Chastellux
    1. François-Jean de Chastellux
  4. fr:Aimar-Charles-Marie de Nicolaï
    1. Aimar-Charles-Marie de Nicolaï
  5. fr:François Albert-Buisson
    1. François Albert-Buisson
  6. fr:Marc Boegner
    1. Marc Boegner
  7. fr:René de Castries
    1. René de Castries
  8. fr:André Frossard
    1. André Frossard

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