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Hegesias of Magnesia vs. Hegesias of Cyrene[edit]

I'm having difficulty coming up with online sources who don't seem to get the two confused. Both of the men seem to be the "death persuader" who led students to commit suicide. The list of ancient Greeks on this site says that the Magnesian was an historian and the Cyrene a philosopher, which makes me believe that the "death persuader" is the Cyrene (also check out the Cyrenaic school of Greek philosophy). However, if this article is more or less straight up regurgitation of EB 1911, that makes me wonder. Again, quick Google checks of both men seem to lead to very similar descriptions.

Anyone able to enlighten me a bit here? Thanks.

--Girolamo Savonarola 23:40, 2004 Oct 31 (UTC)

Carl Grimberg says Hegesias, the "death persuader" is from Cyrene (or the Cyreanic school). I can check it out.
The problem with Grimber is that he doesn't say who he's gotten this knowledge from. He just says it. Or makes it up.
Anyway, I'm interested in reading Hegesias "The Suicider" (or whatever the name was, mentioned here), but I can't find anything on the Norwegian bookstores. Any ideas? -

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